Our ECO-RETURN program gives MWS even more opportunities to provide great customer service to everyone. Now, you can mail back your sharps waste or the secure documents in your office to be destroyed the right way. It is as simple as packing a box and sending it to us. This process was designed for the smaller facilities that do not produce enough waste or shred to warrant a pick-up. Our system is a little different as we provide mail back sharps disposal AS WELL as the mail-back document destruction.

     1) You simply pre-pay for our disposal package, and it is sent right to your doorstep. Follow the instructions provided to ensure safe packing and disposal. 

     2) The shipping is prepaid, so all you need to do is slap on the sticker provided and wait for the US Postal Service to pick it up.

     3) MWS handles the sharps waste and the document destruction the same as if we picked them up ourselves. You are provided with a pick-up manifest and a destruction manifest as well. 

     4) Once received the medical waste is processed, or the documents are shredded and recycled, and you are provided the essential documentation needed.

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