Medical Waste Services is proud to offer a sharps disposal program which has upped the standard. Eco-Guard is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to dispose of bio-hazardous sharps. Through our Eco-Guard Sharps Recovery Program, MWS is eliminating thousands of pounds of plastic waste every year. Each sharps container is transported to our facility, where the sharps are safely and securely removed. Then, each container is washed and sanitized before being returned to your facility.

The Regeneration Process:
 Our containers can be reused in excess of 500 times before they are replaced. Eco-Guard sharps containers are transferred from your location to our state of the art facility. Containers are emptied by our automated system and fed into a custom sanitizer. After the cleaning process, they are returned like new to our inventory. For every 100 sharps containers you have in circulation, you can eliminate over 50,000 containers of plastic waste going into our landfills.

Cost Effective:
 Budgeting for the year is very simple with our set low monthly fees. Imagine eliminating the need for ordering sharps containers while saving the time and effort of keeping up with inventory. The Eco-Guard program does it for you!

Full Change-Out Program:
 Medical Waste Services offers a full change out service, keeping your employees safe from needle sticks, as well as "dockside" service, which allows you to swap containers as needed.

Medical Waste Services believes in making a positive impact on our environment and how our customers conduct their business. Programs like Eco-Guard Sharps Recovery System have been developed to do just that. With its ease of use for our customers and high standards for our environment, MWS will continue to move forward with this initiative and others like it

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