Eco-Shred Secured Document Destruction

The MWS Eco-Shred Secured Document Destruction Program is an innovative customer friendly process to safely shred and recycle all of your facility's sensative materials. 

Our process is innovative, but simple. Our trained MWS professionals will empty the provided 35" secured locking cabinets by removing the " safe bag " contained inside. From there the bags will be place into a locked document container located on our MWS vehicles. Our clients will review the transaction on our patented SHARPSOFT software and sign for the pick up. After the signature is recorded, a pick up manifest is instantly created and viewable through your custom customer portal. The document containers will finally be unlocked and opened at our 24 hour monitered destruction facility. Each bag is then emptied into our state of the art commercial shredder. Once each document is rendered unrecognizable, the product is baled and sent off to be recycled. At this time, a destruction manifest is created and downloaded into your portal for viewing.

Program Benefits

* No unfair contracts

* No need to store documents in valuable office real estate

* Licensed, insured, and bonded

* 24 hour access to all documentation

* Charges are added to you current monthly bill for ease of bundle bill pay

* Great proven customer service with a proven company

* 24 hour live camera feed of destruction facility

* Low consistent pricing