We offer medical waste service for hospitals, medical offices, veterinary clinics, nursing homes, labs, dialysis centers, tattoo parlors, home health, funeral homes, and all other industries that produce biohazard waste. Medical Waste Services is ready for your business. With customized pick up scheduling suited for your company's needs. There are no hidden fees in our pricing and we do not have unreasonable service agreements. With many changes ... Read More »

Through our Eco-Guard Sharps Recovery Program, MWS is eliminating thousands of pounds of plastic waste every year. Each sharps container is transported to our facility, where the sharps are safely and securely removed. Then each container is washed and sanitized before being returned to your facility. The containers are used multiple times keeping tons of plastic waste out of our landfills. Environmental Impact Studies show a 28% waste reducti ... Read More »

With cradle to grave manifest tracking your facility can be assured that they are 100% compliant. After the medications are incinerated your manifests are stamped and filed in our custom manifest tracking system. Medical Waste Services also offers an array of pick up options for your convenience. Medicines play an important role in treating certain conditions and diseases, but they must be taken  with care. Unused portions of these med ... Read More »

An important part to any successful office is knowing that you are 100% compliant everyday that you are conducting business. MWS will give you the tools to manage every aspect of OSHA compliance. With reduced costs there is not a more complete affordable program for your establishment. OSHA may fine you up to $7,000 for each workplace hazard! Have you checked your fire extinguishers, is the light bulb in your exit sign burned out, do you use extension cor ... Read More »

The MWS Eco-Shred Secured Document Destruction Program is an innovative customer friendly process to safely shred and recycle all of your facility's sensative materials.  Our process is innovative, but simple. Our trained MWS professionals will empty the provided 35" secured locking cabinets by removing the " safe bag " contained inside. From there the bags will be place into a locked document container located on our MWS vehicles. Our clients will r ... Read More »