Our Technology

The Medical Waste Services System: An Alternative Treatment Technology   With our new state of the art treatment facility, Medical Waste Services is changing the medical waste industry. Our technology holds many advantages over other treatment systems. No Atmospheric Pollution - As a non-burn steam heated treatment system, released dioxins and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are avoided. Source of Treatment - The waste is exposed to 215°-240° F direct steam for up to one hour.  Minimal Chemical Impact - Each time the unit ... Read More »

Medical Waste Services is proud to offer a sharps disposal program which has upped the standard. Eco-Guard is an environmentally friendly, cost effective way to dispose of bio-hazardous sharps. Through our Eco-Guard Sharps Recovery Program, MWS is eliminating thousands of pounds of plastic waste every year. Each sharps container is transported to our facility, where the sharps are safely and securely removed. Then each container is washed and sanitized before being returned to your facility.    The Regeneration Process: Our containers ca ... Read More »

Medical Waste Services brings tracking your bio-hazard waste to a whole new level. MWS custom tracking software allows us to know where 100% of your RMW is 100% of the time. With cradle to grave laws it is more important now than ever to be assured your waste is being handled in accordance to all rules and regulations. Custom Portal Customers can log into their custom portal and view pick up manifests, destruction manifests, schedules, invoices, and statements. This is something you can't get anywhere else. Powered by SHARPSOFT, you can rest easy ... Read More »